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We are glad to introduce you Glass Nail File, which certainly surprise you not only for its idea but also for its valuable qualities. This nail file is the best for manicure and pedicure, perfect for treatment and shaping nails, both natural and artificial.

Glass nail file is very original and represents absolutely the best in its category. It is unique for its material, finest rough surface with unlimited lifetime, with its hygienic qualities and for the professional treatment it gives. It never wears out, does not scratch, it can easily be disinfected for next time use and will stop the spread of fungus. It works beautifully, much better than all of the other nail files available on the market. It files fast with a softer feel. Ones you will try it, you will like it and you will use it for always.

This product will be surely appreciated by every consumer, cosmetics salons will require it and all dealers with nail care staff will be asked for it. Glass nail file can be clear or decorated by techniques, such as coloring, sand blasting or logo printing. Many companies would appreciate it as a great promotional gift.

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