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The nail file is made of float glass. With its physical, hygienic and utility attributes it is apparently the best what the market can offer in this product category. Although the body of the file is roughened it has a smooth surface with no protruding points. In spite of its relatively fine texture the high-quality abrasive surface guarantees outstanding grinding ability. Glass nail file is being hardened at the last phase of the production to increase mechanical firmness, which gives unlimited lifetime to abrasive surface.

Glass file is perfect for treatment and shaping nails, both natural and artificial (we recommend to dip the file in the water first when giving the treatment to the artificial nails). It is possible to use the file also for removing harden skin around the nails and in the heel area. The best way is to soften skin first by immersing it in the water and then to remove hardened skin with a proper tool; after this you apply the glass file (for this purpose we recommend the file of a length 195 mm).


Files are produced in two basic forms: one-sided and double-sided, according to the number of roughened sides. Both types is possible to deliver either with whole surface roughness or with a smooth handle. Concerning the shape, two types are available: one with both tips rounded (shape B/b) and one with one tip pointed (shape A/a).

Example of indication:


 a- shape (A/a/B/b)
capitals A,B whole surface roughened
letter a - with the point
letter b - without point (round)
 135- length of the file (90/135/195 mm)
 2- thickness of the glass (2/3/4 mm)
 1 number of roughened sides (1,2)

Product Code Description
 a-90-2-1 one-sided with hand grip, length 90 mm, thickness 2 mm
 a-90-2-2 two-sided with hand grip, length 90 mm, thickness 2 mm
 a-135-2-1 one-sided with hand grip, length 135 mm, thickness 2 mm
 a-135-2-2 two-sided with hand grip, length 135 mm, thickness 2 mm
 b-195-3-1 one-sided with hand grip, length 195 mm, thickness 3 mm
 b-195-3-2 two-sided with hand grip, length 195 mm, thickness 3 mm
 B-195-3-1 one-sided with full work area, length 195 mm, thickness 3 mm
 b-195-4-1 one-sided with hand grip, length 195 mm, thickness 4 mm
 b-195-4-2 two-sided with hand grip, length 195 mm, thickness 4 mm

File of length 90 mm, so called "handbag file" is with its size suitable to be a part of handbag outfit and to be ready for immediate use. Available thickness for this model is 2 mm.

Glass Nail File - size 90mm

File of length 135 mm is usually made from the glass thick 2 mm, but 3 mm thickness is also possible. It is determined especially for home use.

Glass Nail File - 135mm

File of length 195 mm and thickness 3 mm is determined for professional manicure and is normally manufactured of width 18 mm with or without (one-sided with full work area)  handle. We recommend one-sided type to avoid scratches of cosmetician skin.

Glass Nail File - size 195mm - thickness 3mm

File of length 195 mm and width 22 mm has standard thickness 4 mm. It is intended for pedicure mostly for the treatment of hardened skin .

Glass Nail File - size 195mm - thickness 4mm

Moreover, COLOURED glass nail files look very atractive and are very popular now. You can choose a single colour or a combination of two. Our standard offer consists of 12 colours in glossy and matt finish: lemon yellow, yellow, pink (magenta), green, blue (aqua), violet (purple), cobalt blue, ruby (dark red), orange (light red), black, colourless, white.



Cobalt blueBlackOrange


Hand-painted glass has a long tradition in Bohemian region. In our standard collection of hand painted motifs we offer numerous flowery designs, animals and gold and platinum motifs. Any other designs are possible according your wish. They are painted by professional painter using special glass colour which is burned into the glass of the file. Every piece is unique and original.

Sandblasting - this technique guarantees lasting quality of the chosen designs. As standard we offer zodiac motifs, or flowers. Other designs are available on request (including your logo).

Sandblasted Zodiac

Sandblasted zodiac


NEW Sandblasted Design

Sandblasted design        Sandblasted design

Sandblasted logo

All files are in the casing - plastic or velvet (suede).



The abrasive surface is applied to the primary glass corpus, which ensures its permanent stability function without loss of grinding ability (as opposed to paper or metal base abrasives where the loss of grinding grains is substantial).

Glass is an ideal material to keep hygienic attributes of the file. Glass file is not porous like metallic or paper files, which prevents it from an absorption of water with bacterial or mildew germs. It is virtually corrosion-free, even at aggressive environment conditions. It is easy to clean and disinfect with usual cleaning products, as well as to sterilize in autoclaves; this is very important for professional use in terms of avoiding transmission of infection among customers.

When using other types of files, especially metallic or those from paper, nails happen to split, we can often find brittleness and peeling of nails. Regular use of glass nail file effectively prevents from this unpleasant phenomenon.

Nail files are hardened at the last phase of the production and this dramatically increases its firmness. It ensures that the file does not crack when is used for its purpose (even non-hardened glass endures forces affecting the file during usual nail treatment). The file also stands casual falls on common floor surfaces (carpet, PVC, etc.). However, a fall-down to a hard surface (ceramic, concrete, stone) might damage it.

Thanks to the basic attributes of the material and hardening process, the lifetime of the file is practically unlimited.

The file hardness and precise work guarantees total safety. However, to avoid a possible injury, a file damaged in any way should be replaced and not used again.

To keep the file clean, it is enough to rinse it after use with running water. To clean more dirty files use soft brush and detergent and if this is not enough (to remove nail enamel, creme,etc.) then any organic diluents and dissolvent can be used according to the basic safety instructions.

The abrasive surface is provided with lifetime guarantee. However, the warranty does not cover defects caused by wrong manipulation or mechanical damage.

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Pricelist and samples are available on your requirement.

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